Copywriting, Content Marketing, Script Writing, Fiction

I write campaign concepts. I write movie scripts. I write fiction novels.
I’m a Content Marketer for trendy start ups, a Slogan Finder for big multinationals and a Cyrano de Bergerac for friends in love despair.
I write for brands, for NGOs or for Politics.
But mostly... I write because I just love it.
  • Platforma

    Platforma wanted to show the power of collaboration between cities to improve development. The campaign, to be displayed at the World Development summit, had to convey […]
  • TTIP: A race to the bottom

    The main purpose of this video was to be informative, with a slight bit of provocation showing the negative effects of TTIP on EU markets. The […]
  • Get ready for TTIP

    The EU Greens wanted to find a disruptive way to tackle the TTIP, which they considered an issue. It had to be provocative yet informative, with […]
  • We’re not sexy and we know it

    You can’t take a nerd and pretend he’s the ultimate sex bomb all of a sudden. And you can’t make people believe that the EU is […]