It was a rainy night of November 1982. Lying in a hospital bed, my mother was growing nervous, divided between the apprehension of correctly applying the breathing exercises she had been practicing for months and the appeasing feeling that the weird, permanent and in the end kind of annoying addiction for garlic saucisson she had developed throughout the pregnancy was about to come to an end. She suddenly…
Wait, this might take a while. Let me cut this short.

Here are a few conversations that will hopefully help you get to know me:


- Ok guys, so each morning we’ll swim 1k in this 14° water !
- Can we put our wetsuit on ?
- Sure you can. I’m not putting mine. I ain’t a faggot.
Roger, Military and Chief Lifeguard, to one of my colleagues, on my first day as a Lifeguard


- So you studied Literature, then History, then Political Science, and finally Project Management, all of this between Rennes, Lille and Istanbul… what exactly does that make you?
- Confused.
To my grand mother at a Christmas dinner shortly after my Master Degrees


- We’re really interested in your application for the position of Intern at the French Embassy in Washington DC.
- This is great, but I actually never applied for this position.
- … whatever, you want the job?
- Sure.
Pretty much what happened for my end of studies internship. Still a mystery to this day.


- Which other rappers do you have for the show ?
- I found this guy, P.O.Y. He’s really good. The best in the country if you ask me.
- Great, where is he ?
- Well, he’s a Butcher in Bulawayo. He’s got good meat too.
- Deal.
Setting the first major hip hop festival in Harare, Zimbabwe, when working at the French Embassy as a Project Manager


NOVENTA CINCO PUNTO TRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRES bienvenido a TODOS en su emisión de hip hop FRANCÉS !!!
Catchphrase as a host of a local radio show when working as a Project Manager at Alliance Française in Tegucigalpa, Honduras


- I wanna do a series on Eurocrats, it’s gonna be HUGE !
- Cool! Have you written a screenplay before ?
- No.
- Do you know any film maker ?
- No.
To a friend about my project of creating what would become the Eurobubble Series


- So what did you study to become a Coach, do you have a diploma or something?
- Yeah, well I er… studied Rafael Nadal- like a lot. And other athletes too. You know, sport psychology in general. It is actually amazing what you can learn from it!
- Hmhm…(polite mumbling translating an absolute lack of conviction)
First session of what would become the Speak Up training program, delivered in a restaurant’s basement to an audience of very kind guinea pigs


- Gentlemen, I am deeply sorry to interrupt but this is a matter of life or death.
- ?? What can we do?!
- I have not the slightest clue how to tie my bowtie and the Montée des Marches is in less than 30 minutes.
- Oh my God.
To a group of Renault Managers at the Cannes Film Festival, after winning the Copywriting prize for their new commercial