PowerPoint 101

Design Great Presentations


Contrarily to public opinion, PowerPoint was not invented to put people to sleep.

Its main purpose is actually to make your presentations better.

And this course is all about that.

Course Content

5 modules, each taking real life examples and applying them to PowerPoint:

Sentences: how –not– to use them
Elements: why they are essential to define your composition
CRAP: use the 4 essential graphic design concepts: Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity (and Yes, I’m aware of what crap means)

Images:  where to find them, how to use them
Data: make it look great and effective

As well as special tricks and tips on Animations, Fonts, Timelines and more

For more extracts of the course, check out the mini course pages

"After my presentation, colleagues asked me to help them design their own Ppt. And I almost never used Ppt before I took the course!"
Iulia P. European Commission

Watch, practice, enjoy- by the end, you will have all the tools in hand to design something great.
And have fun doing it.

Just like these stock picture people. See how happy they are pointing at stuff?