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11 February 2016
11 February 2016
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12 episodes / + 150 000 Youtube views/ 1 Award
Born out of the Eurobubble Blog, Eurobubble became the first series on the world European Affairs. Without much clue of what we were doing in the beginning, being non professional in the field of movie making, we learned on the spot and somehow managed to produce 12 episodes which quality evolves from one episode to the other given we edited week by week.
The support of an amazing community and fantastic volunteers was a key factor to the success of the project.
Being the first entertainment medium on this field, Eurobubble benefitted from an impressive media coverage and even won a prize for best Web Series in the 2013 Lièges Webfest, that we celebrated with Jupiler, saving Champagne for the Oscars. The bottle is still in the fridge.