Present In Front Of A Camera

Look like a pro, Speak like a pro

From knowing how to dress to how to structure your speech, using storytelling or simplifying a technical message, this best selling course teaches you every communication fundamental and gives you the opportunity to practice it by presenting in front of a camera.

Course Content:

3 main blocks with dozens of modules in which you will:

– Learn which shirt you should NEVER put on
– Turn your jargon and acronyms into something intelligible for mere human beings
– Discover simple tricks to never lose your audience
– Learn how to sell. Yes you read it correctly. A pen, a project, a feeling. Sell. 
– Stop saying “eeeeeeerr…” and “aaaaah…”. At least every three words.
– Manage to make a supposedly boring topic interesting
– Look at the right spot when speaking
– Have fun, hopefully. Of course it’s business and everything but hey- life is short. 

For more extracts of the course, check out the mini course pages

"Best online course I've ever taken so far.
Fun, interactive and most important:useful. I really learned a lot, thanks!"
Emily F. EACEA

+5000 people trained
9,3/10 average rating
10 years in the making

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See how José is happy talking to Marine in spite of her terrible wallpaper.